• [image:Youth Leader Workshop 2011 FOTO Boskovice] [en/getpic/HGyAhs.nsWaio]Youth Leader Workshop 2011 FOTO Boskovice [en/menu_main/]26.09.2011

    The Youth Leader Workshop for the FICEP Camp 2011 is organized by OREL, czech member association of FICEP, from 8 to 10 July in Boskovice/CZ. The Workshop is the perfect way to get to know all other youth leaders from the FICEP member associations before the FICEP Camp. Important organizational issues will be discussed. Contact person for all information and registration is EliškaVecheta from OREL: ficep-camp-2011@orel.cz

    Get registrated now! http://www.orel.cz/ficep/workshop.html [http://www.orel.cz/ficep/workshop.html]


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  • [image:FICEP Youth Camp 2011] [en/menu_main/newsshow-startpage-----ficep-youth-camp-20112]FICEP Youth Camp 2011 [en/menu_main/newsshow-startpage-----ficep-youth-camp-20112]26.09.2011

    In 2011 the FICEP Youth Camp will be held in Boskovice/CZ. The 36th international FICEP camp will be held in the Czech Republic in the beautiful country town Boskovice. You're invited to spend nine exciting days surrounded by mountains and new friends from seven European countries, do sports in a romantic valley below the castle and have fun. In addition to a lot of trendy and classic sports, there'll be offered creative and international program points too. The summer evenings are perfect for parties, barbecues and many great surprises. And trips to Brno and to the Moravian Karst promise: You will never forget this camp!


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  • [image:FICEP is partner at the European Anti-Doping Initiative] [en/menu_main/newsshow-startpage-----ficep-is-partner-at-the-european-anti-doping-initiative2]FICEP is partner at the European Anti-Doping Initiative [en/menu_main/newsshow-startpage-----ficep-is-partner-at-the-european-anti-doping-initiative2]26.09.2011

    Partners in the European Anti-Doping Initiative (EADIn) met in Frankfurt/Germany for the kick-off meeting of the project.

    The European Anti-Doping Initiative (EADIn) is aimed at establishing an European-wide Anti-Doping mentality in the youth sector by establishing a moral tenor towards concepts such as Fair-play, sensitizing and raising awareness on all levels of the complex social environment surrounding the doping problematic and implementing strategies to motivate young people to pass on the message and create a strong multiplying effect.

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  • FICEP News [en/menu_main/]11.10.2012

    To read preceding articles, please click here [https://www.ficep.org/de]!

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  • [image:FICEP board members met in Vienna] [en/menu_main/newsshow-startpage-----ficep-board-members-met-in-vienna2]FICEP board members met in Vienna [en/menu_main/newsshow-startpage-----ficep-board-members-met-in-vienna2]17.10.2012

    25 delegates from seven countries joined the FICEP board and sports commission meeting at the general office of SPORTUNION in Austria on 12/13 October 2012.

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