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The FICEP-Summer-Games in 2010 have been lead by Sport Union Switzerland and took place in Lucerne/Switzerland. ‘European games of the youth in the heart of Switzerland' - this was the slogan for the invitation of Sport Union Switzerland when they invited all FICEP member countries from 30th of September until 3rd of October 2010 to the FICEP games 2010. About 6 nations with 400 sportswomen and men were expected to participate at these competitions of mass sport. Lucerne and Hochdorf offered them an attractive programme of competitions in the disciplines of handball, athletics, darts and floorball. Pictures and reports you will find here.


The FICEP-Summer-Games 2012 took place from 12.-15. July in Duisburg/Germany and have been lead by DJK. Over 500 athletes from 7 nations challenged in the disciplines of basketball, fistball, judo, swimming, table tennis and gymnastics. The "Sportpark" in Wedau and the "Glockenspitzhalle" in Krefeld offered a perfect infrastructure for the Games.
Find out more about the Link open in a new windowFICEP-Summer-Games 2012 and the results of the disciplines here.


The FICEP-FISEC Summer Games 2014 will take place from 9.-14. July in Strebersdorf nearby Vienna/Austria. For the first time the Games are organized in cooperation with the FISEC (International Sports Federation for Catholic Schools). About 12 nations will participate in the disciplines athletics, swimming, tennis, chess, basketball, soccer, futsal and volleyball. The host federation and organizer is SPORTUNION Österreich.

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