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FICEP-FISEC Summer Games 2023

FICEP FISEC Summer Games 10-16.July Dunkerque, France



Offical FICEP Video

This is the official FICEP Youth Video. Dive into the FICEP spirit and see what the FICEP Youth camp is about.

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FICEP Youth Camp 2011

In 2011 the FICEP Youth Camp will be held in Boskovice/CZ. The 36th international FICEP camp will be held in the Czech Republic in the beautiful country town Boskovice. You're invited to spend nine exciting days surrounded by mountains and new friends from seven European countries, do sports in a romantic valley below the castle and have fun. In addition to a lot of trendy and classic sports, there'll be offered creative and international program points too. The summer evenings are perfect for parties, barbecues and many great surprises. And trips to Brno and to the Moravian Karst promise: You will never forget this camp!


Age of participants
14-16 years

31.7.2011 (Sunday) to 8.8.2011 (Monday)

Boskovice (49°29'15.046"N, 16°39'35.895"E), 42 km north from Brno

youth hostel

More information and registration here! www.orel.cz/ficep/


FICEP Youth Camp 2011