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  • EADIn

FICEP is a partner of the project ‚European Anti-Doping Initiative - EADIn‘. eu-antidoping-200The goal of this project - running from 2011 until March 2012 - is to build a transnational network and to advocate education in the Anti-Doping area. This initiative is run by the German Sportjugend (dsj). Eight sports associations from the top-class together with the mass sports area e.g.: the National Olympic Comités of France and Slovenia, the Austrian athletic sports association as well as the centre for doping prevention in Heidelberg (Germany) are participating.eu-fahne-200

Read more about the project:

The European Anti-Doping Initiative is funded by the EU Preparatory Actions in the field of Sport 2011-2012.


  • Prevention of sexualized violence in Sports - Impulses for an open, secure and sound sporting environment in Europe

The FICEP participates as a partner at the project "Prevention of sexualized violence in Sports - Impulses for an open, secure and sound sporting environment in Europe" which is carried out by the German Sports Youth (www.dsj.de) in the German Olympic Sports Confederation and its project scientific advisors. The project is funded by the EU Programme "Preparatory Action in the field of sport". The project is scheduled to run from February 2012 until March 2013.

The project's central aim is to sensitise and raise awareness about the prevention of sexualised violence on all levels of the European sports environment. The project fosters networking and exchange of experiences in a sustainable manner through compiling a catalogue of ‘good-practice' examples, campaigning for an open dialogue regarding the topic and gathering impulses for a European sports policy presented at the 2012 Conference "Safer, better, stronger! Prevention of sexual harassment and abuse in sports", which will be held on November 20th and 21st in Berlin.

The international conference is addressed to policy-makers and representatives of the umbrella (sports) organizations, national coaching foundations and media, and those whose objective is to encourage the prevention of Sexual Harassment and Abuse in Sports.Link open in a new window