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  • Beginnings

    The origin of the Roman Catholic sports unions goes back to the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century with France, Belgium and Italy being the pioneers. The idea to found an international organisation was born in 1906 on the occasion of a gymnastics competition held between the FGSPF (founded in France in 1898) and the FASCA (founded in Italy in May 1906). It was decided to organise a first sporting event of all Catholic sports unions. In 1908 a first sporting event of all Catholic sports unions was organised in Rome under the patronage of Pope Pius X in the Belvedere Court of the Vatican. More than 2000 athletes from France, Belgium, Ireland, Canada and Italy participated at this first Grand Concours Catholique de Gymnastique et de Sport. 

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  • Development of Activities

    Interrupted by the Great War of 1914-1918, the activities of the union were soon resumed from 1919 onwards. Further countries - Germany, Austria, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia - joined the union. Alsace became French once again in 1918 and rejoined the FGSPF. The sports disciplines developed very fast and important international events were held throughout Europe. From 1922 to 1939 there were gatherings at Maribor (1920), Brno (1922), Paris (1923), Prague (1929), Antwerp (1930), Vienna (1936) and Ljubljana (1938) and these cities successively welcomed thousands of young people who came to compete in the sporting events in a climate of sporting friendship and Christian commitment.
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  • Foundation

    By the initiative of Dr. Paul MICHAUX, president of the FGSPF (France) an International Gymnastics Competition - the Union Internationale des Oeuvres Catholique d'Education Physique (U.I.O.C.E.P.) - was founded in 1911. The new organisation was officially founded on December 13th 1913 in Rome. Its goals were to bring young Roman Catholic sportsmen together and to contribute, across frontiers, to the good relations between peoples and allow each of them to advertise the advantages and characteristics of their own country.

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