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110 years of FICEP

2021 the ‘ Federation Internationale Catholoque d’Education Physique et Sportiva’ (International Catholic Federation of Physical Education and Sport) is celebrating 110 years and we have the pleasure to announce two new members in our community: ADJAS Senegal and SCORM from Congo. So the FICEP currently consists of 12 member states and 12 associations.

On the 15. & 16. October the FICEP general assembly and the meetings of the youth commission and the sport commission took place in Vienna. Meetings were held at the Haus des Sports, at SPORTUNION Wien and the SPORTUNION Österreich.

Roberto Nardecchia the president of L’Aquila Nuovo Basket Aquilano joined the meetings for the first time. We were able to welcome Lies Janssen the president of our partner organisation FISEC at our general assembly as well as Cor Weerts the treasurer of FISEC.

The next FICEP/FISEC games will take place in Klagenfurt/Austria from 23-29.7.2022 and the FICEP Camp from 6-13.8.2022 in Austria too.

[image:110 years of FICEP]

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