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This is the official FICEP Youth Video. Dive into the FICEP spirit and see what the FICEP Youth camp is about.

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FICEP General Assembly 2018 in Nice

The FICEP General Assembly 2018 took place from 5th to 6th of April in Nice. Representatives from FICEP member associations and the president from FISEC met to report about their achievements of 2017. Stefan Grubhofer was nominated as new General Secretary.

On Friday Morning before the meeting of the board, each of the committees gathered for their meetings.

The Sports Committee discussed and planned next steps for the FICEP-FISEC Games which will take place in Genk from 14th to 20th of July 2018. The Youth Committee was focussed on the organisation of the upcoming FICEP Youth Camp in Romania.

In the afternoon a seminar took place at the museum of sport in Nice. Every member country presented their own association and afterwards a panel discussion with expert Thierry Zintz offered the possibility to discuss values and developments in the FICEP.

In the evening the delegates met for the FICEP General Assembly. Warmly welcomed has been the president of FISEC, Lies Janssen.

The next General Assembly will take place from 26th to 27th of April 2019.

FICEP General Assembly 2018 in Nice