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Offical FICEP Video

This is the official FICEP Youth Video. Dive into the FICEP spirit and see what the FICEP Youth camp is about.

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43rd FICEP YOUTH CAMP - Romania

The location of this years FICEP youth camp is situated in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, about 200 km north of Bucharest and 50 km south-east of Brasov.

Fundata is the newest Biathlon Complex in Romania (Link öffnet in externem Fenster:  https://www.cheilegradistei.ro/). Besides the Biathlon track, the complex contains several sport venues, a sports hall and plenty of free space.
The accomodation will be in rooms with 2 beds.
We will have a lot of fun with: Bubble Football, Collaboration Games, Green activities, Mountain bike, Treasure hunt, Geocaching, Orienteering, Archery, Table Tennis, Swimming, Foosbal, Speed stacks, Trampoline jump, Board Games.
Planned trips: Visit of Parliament’s Palace in Bucharest & the Water and Adventure Park.
Motto: United for a cleaner future
The camp will include different educational tasks, that will raise the awareness for some of the aspects of our future, with the purpose to educate a dynamic group from different nations, for a common cleaner future.
To register for the FICEP Youth Camp 2018 in Romania please contact your Link öffnet in externem Fenster:  national federation.
We keep you posted with more details, in the meanwhile check out the Link öffnet in externem Fenster:  facebook event.

43rd FICEP YOUTH CAMP - Romania