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FICEP-FISEC Summer Games 2023

FICEP FISEC Summer Games 10-16.July Dunkerque,France

Offical FICEP Video

This is the official FICEP Youth Video. Dive into the FICEP spirit and see what the FICEP Youth camp is about.

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Our European Partners

engsoENGSO Youth

European Non Governmental Sports Organisation



International Sports Federation for Catholic Schools



International Sports and Culture Association



International Workers and Amateurs in Sports Confederation




Willkommen bei FICEP

  • Nuovo Basket Aquilano new FICEP memberNuovo Basket Aquilano new FICEP member21.04.2021

    We have the pleasure to announce a new member in our community, Scuola Minibasket L’Aquila Nuovo Basket Aquilano. ‘’Represent a jewel in the crown of those dedicated to the world of youth in the city of L'Aquila and are characterized by a refined symbiosis between sport and everything related to values foundations of social aggregation, solidarity, tolerance and respect for people‘’ said Roberto, president of Nuovo Basket Aquilano.

    >>>mehr zu Nuovo Basket Aquilano new FICEP member
  • Healthy Nutrition in SportsHealthy Nutrition in Sports15.04.2021

    Without food there is no life. Without healthy food there is no healthy life.

    The German sports association DJK is launching an online campus: Healthy Nutrition in Sports on July 6th. The oecotrophologist (focus on nutrition in sports) Dana Kubicki, Olympic Training Center North Rhine-Westphalia, will be the speaker.

    >>>mehr zu Healthy Nutrition in Sports
  • Wir trauern um Klaus BischopsWir trauern um Klaus Bischops15.12.2020

    Klaus Bischops war ein langjähriges Mitglied der FICEP und auch Präsident der FICEP-Sportkommission.
    Er war Vorsitzende des DJK-Sportverbands(1990 – 1994) und zuvor Bundessportwart und Bundessportwart Leichtathletik.

    >>>mehr zu Wir trauern um Klaus Bischops

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